profile_cu_mn201-096Roger Sherman’s documentaries have been honored with of a James Beard Award, a Peabody Award, an Emmy Award, two Academy Award nominations, and many other accolades. Among his many films, Richard Rodgers: The Sweetest Sounds was named to a Top 10 list and was called “an extraordinary film biography, perhaps the best ever produced in the American Masters series” by The Wall Street Journal. Alexander Calder, a co-production with American Masters, was pronounced “an American masterpiece” by Charlie Rose. Other films include The American Brew, the rich and surprising history of beer in America; The Rhythm of My Soul, a profile of country, gospel, bluegrass, and mountain musicians; Don’t Divorce the Children, chronicling the effects of divorce on children, which became mandatory viewing in courts in a dozen states; and The O.J. Simpson Trial: Beyond Black & White, a look at the African-American perspective on the criminal justice system.