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director Roger Sherman on the beach in Tel Aviv with open, welcoming arms.

*Alexander Calder – the definitive portrait of the inventor of an art form. Peabody, Emmy

Alexander Calder DVD box

*The Restaurateur – Danny Meyer creates Eleven Madison Park and Tabla. James Beard Award
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The Restaurateur DVD box

*Medal of Honor – the history of the highest medal for valor

Medal of Honor DVD box

*The American Brew – the rich and unlikely history of beer in America
Medal of Honor DVD box

*The Rhythm of My Soul – Bluegrass, Country, Gospel, Mountain

*Don’t Divorce the Children -The effects of divorce on children told from the child’s point of view without experts. It became mandatory viewing in family courts in a dozen states.
Don't Divorce the Children title image, a drawing of a sad girl

*Zapruder & Stolley: Witness To An Assassination – The story of how the famous Zapruder film, the only film of the entire assassination captured on film, was discovered. Told by iconic journalist Dick Richard B. Stolley.
Zapruder & Stolley: Witness To An Assassination DVD art

*Fast Eddie and the Boys – 85 year old handball players in Miami Beach
Fast Eddy star of Fast Eddy And The Boys