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Film Review: “‘Chef-Turned-Farmer Raises the Bar on Growing Perfect Food”
by Mark Jackson
“It’s rare that a review makes me blush.
“A tiny gem of a farming documentary.”
“5 out of 5 stars”
Patty “has the fire, the inspiration, dedication, integrity, talent, ambition, and deep reserves of willpower.”
And that’s just in the first three paragraphs! 

The Winter Growers Podcast
“I really appreciated your openness and honesty to tell the truth about your experience. You have a really beautiful way of articulating your experience in the moment… What I loved about the film is Roger was really good about being honest and taking a critical look at being a small scale farmer. And he didn’t romanticize it.”
Clara Coleman

Film Review: Hothouse gardening podcast with Leah Churner, a garden designer (review begins at 23:21)
“I loved it because she’s really honest.”
“Patty is charming and funny and self-deprecating.”
“I really liked the interviews with the chefs and how they had such an appreciation for what she was doing.”
“She was very relatable. She seems like a very smart, talented person and someone you can talk to… unpretentious and approachable, while obviously being very, very talented.”
“It made me really hungry.”
“I was really surprised that I liked it.”

Meet New York’s Organic Lesbian Farmer and Her Landlord, Actress Isabella Rossellini

Huff Post article featuring Patty
The Soil Revolution That Could Save Farming And The Climate

Roger interviewed on The Maria Liberati Show: Where Food Meets Art, Travel & Life



We loved the unique view of a chef-turned-farmer and the things Patty did to stay in business as the economy shifted.  Ag & Art Film Festival

Excellent!  Delightful, a real masterpiece. So enlightening.  It should be required watching in schools everywhere. Patty is a jewel, in Japan she’d be a National Treasure.
Nick Doherty

Talk about hard labor but such beautiful, clean, fresh results. A great story and told so lyrically. Loved the score too. Bravo!
Pamela Fiori

I loved this film. Heartfelt, honest, and eye opening. Well done. It gave me a real sense of how warm and other worldly she is.
Chef Sam Filloramo

This is such a great film! Kuddos! Ya did great!! You captured the soul of this most amazing human!

This is such a great film! Kuddos! Ya did great!! You captured the soul of this most amazing human!
Chef/Restaurateur Sohui Kim

Your film captured Patti’s spirit, generosity and knowledge.  I learned from her and from you.  It made me want to go out and plant right now (Christmas Day!)
Nancy Horwich

You are such a champion at this, the editing, the film, everything is so damn good.
Matt Lee

Wonderful.  Delicious.  You’re an extremely talented gentleman.  We loved the movie.
Steve Schlesinger

What a wonderfully sensual portrayal!  I rarely think about vegetables, and now I now can think of nothing else.  Bobbie Schlesinger

She is darling. Loved it. Just watching her you can taste everything she grows.
Melissa Hamilton

So good!!!! Love her and everything she’s doing. Deep bows to you all. The film is so well done (duh).  Liv Rockefeller