The Restaurateur

Beg, borrow as needed, but do yourself a favor and see Roger Sherman’s Danny Meyer doc. I can’t think of a single food freak who wouldn’t love it: charming, compelling and Tom Colicchio with hair!”
— Kat Kinsman, CNN’s

Medal of Honor

An astounding array of stories about an unbelievable collection of unexpected heroes. This special is so awe-inspiring that, if I could, I would award it four Medals of Honor. It is that good and that honest. Do yourself a favor. Don’t miss it.”
— Linda Stasi, New York Post

Zapruder & Stolley: Witness to an Assassination

Zapruder & Stolley is utterly engaging”
— Tom Brokaw, NBC News

Chevy100: An American Story

For anyone with even a passing interest in the auto industry — or American history, for that matter — it’s worth watching.”
— Mike Colias, Automotive News

The Rhythm of My Soul

A triumph with a collage of lush harmonies, banjo pickin’, and fiddle playin’ that celebrates Kentucky’s country, gospel, mountain and bluegrass heritage.”
— George Snider, Appalachian Film Festival

Alexander Calder

An American Masterpiece.”
— Charlie Rose

Beyond Black & White

What comes through again and again are emphatic reminders of how different life in America is for blacks and whites.”
— Dallas Morning News

Richard Rodgers: The Sweetest Sounds

Richard Rodgers: The Sweetest Sounds is an extraordinary achievement. [It] is as memorable and moving as any musical drama you will see and hear anywhere, Broadway included.”
— Neil Holston, Newsday

Video Book — Ready Steady Shoot: The Guide to Great Home Video

At a time when everyone has the latest gadgets, but nobody really knows what to do with them, Roger Sherman’s book is a practical and inspiring blueprint to making the ultimate home videos.
— Nina Wildorf, editor-in-chief, Budget Travel magazine