The Restaurateur

A portrait of Danny Meyer following the gut-wrenching construction of Eleven Madison Park and Tabla restaurants.

In memory of Floyd Cardoz, the chef of Tabla and Bombay Bread Bar, who was featured in the film, we are making the film free to view. PLEASE DONATE TO THE GO FUND ME CAMPAIGN FOR FLOYD’S FAMILY.

Roger Sherman     Producer, Director, Cinematographer

Anna Jacobson     Editor

Carlos Valdez         Original Music

Evan Anthony        Color Correct

Tom Paul                 Sound Mix, Gigantic Post

I have seen the film three times and I still wonder if they will make the opening…”

Christopher Hirsheimer, Canal House Cooking

A brilliant time capsule and achievement. It gave me goose bumps.”

Drew Nieporent, restaurateur

Beg, borrow as needed, but do yourself a favor and see Roger Sherman’s Danny Meyer doc The Restaurateur. I can’t think of a single food freak who wouldn’t love it: charming, compelling and Tom Colicchio with hair!”

Kat Kinsman, CNN’s

Anyone who’s fascinated by the restaurant industry, entrepreneurs, New York, architecture, business strategy or documentaries (i.e., everyone) should watch the DVD of filmmaker Roger Sherman’s The Restaurateur, pronto.”

“Scenes From a Restaurant Empire”
The Wall Street Journal – Bits & Bites

Sherman’s film is a breath of fresh air in this world of reality television and foodtertainment. It’s an honest portrayal of Danny Meyer’s struggles and successes, a must see for documentary lovers, entrepreneurs, and foodies.”

Blanca Valbuena,

James Beard Award

Best Documentary

Sonoma Film Festival

Best Documentary – Food

The Big Apple Film Festival

Best Documentary – Short

Double Feature Film Festival

Best Documentary – Domestic