A Roger Sherman Film

Miley Cyrus lying on dozens of guitar cases

“This is what a guitar collecting addict looks like.” 
–Miley Cyrus

The music that a guitar creates is sensual and ravishing, arousing and sexy.
It’s raw and angelic and emotional to its core.

As Prince famously sang in his song Guitar

I love you baby
But not like I love my guitar, No
Not like I love my guitar
Oh, listen
Turn it up

Guitar Crazy
is a love poem to the magical sound of guitars played and told by world-class artists.

The limited series is a tapestry, asking why a particular guitar reveals a song to the musician, perhaps only one. The film dives deeply into the primal relationship musicians have with their instrument.

We’ve all experienced the power of guitar music: bad days softened, a melody that inspired us, lightened or saddened our hearts, made us laugh and cry. Our film’s featured musicians will take us on a transforming ride; we’ll discover what inspires them, what drives them, and where it all comes from.

Jackson Browne owns dozens of guitars. He tells us that it’s not uncommon for one particular guitar to flood him whole with a song, Just that guitar, just that once, and never again. Jeff Tweedy also has a large guitar collection, but showing a small beat up acoustic to the camera, he tells us this is the one he’s most intimate with.” Celisse Hammond got her start starring in major Broadway traveling shows. She admits she played “mediocre guitar.” It wasn’t until she quit the road and got serious about her ax that she became a killer blues guitarist! “I can’t explain it.” she says, “There are times I can just feel it deep inside me, it has to come out!” These musicians, along with other amazing guitarists – rock, blues, jazz, country – will tell us why it’s that guitar that makes the music.

The artists who compose on them, the collectors who prize them, the fans who never stop listening to them, and the artisans who are obsessed with making the finest instruments, are all Guitar Crazy. These artists are the heart of the unique, seductive, world we will illuminate.

Many of the guitarists we’ll feature in Guitar Crazy will be household names; others, you might not have heard of. All will blow you away with their musicianship, their deep insights, their observations, and introspection. They may include Jack White, Brittany Howard, St. Vincent, Ed Sheeran, Rodrigo y Garbiela, Roseanne Cash, Tegan and Sara, Emmylou Harris, Sheryl Crow, Taylor Swift, Keb Mo, Chris Stapleton, Miley Cyrus, Gary Clark Jr. (NOTE: musicians have yet to be contacted, but we are confident many will participate.)

“Nothing is more beautiful
Than the sound of a guitar
Except maybe two.” 

                  –Frederic Chopin

BrittanyHoward belting out a song playing a blue Gibson electric guitar
Chris Stapleton playing electric guitar, in sunglasses and well worn cowboy hat
Bonnie Raitt playing slide guitar
Jack White playing slide guitar, with blue hair
St Vincent playing electric guitar
Emmylou Harris playing acoustic guitar
Gary Clark Jr playing electric guitar
Mary Halverson playing acoustic guitar

Guitar Crazy is a production of Florentine Films/Sherman Pictures
Director: Roger Sherman
Producers: Roger Sherman, Andrew Mer, Martha Ferguson

The film is in development.