The American Brew

the rich and surpising history of beer in America

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Did you know the Pilgrims were not supposed to land at Plymouth rock? Learn how Germans changed America’s taste for beer in the 19th Century and why they became the scapegoats that begin Prohibition.Who were the first innovators? See craft brewers like Dick Cantwell at Elysian in Seattle make a small-batch jasmine IPA. Hear Fritz Maytag talk about taking over the failing Anchor Steam Brewery in San Francisco. Trying to sell that beer he tells us, “I went to a German beer garden and the owner said, ‘Yes, I know that beer. It’s terrible beer.'” Fritz laughs as he remembers, “It was about that time I realized it’s really hard to sell bad beer.” But it wasn’t bad for long. Even though his friends in the beer business at the time thought he was “crazy” for making what would become among the first craft beers.  And, Ken Grossman recounts buying used dairy machinery to get going as a home brewer that became Sierra Nevada. “We dumped a dozen commercial sized batches before we got it right. Vinnie Cirluzo evaluates his oaky, wine barrels that are acquired from chardonnay vintners at Russian River: “It tastes more like chardonnay than beer right now. We may have to blend some other brew back in.” Brewmaster Garett Oliver takes viewers on a tour of his Brooklyn Brewery. Legendary journalist Michael Jordan pontificates about all aspects of beer brewing, critiquing – “it’s okay for wine tasters to talk about characteristics, why isn’t it okay for beer drinkers?” Our cameras are even allowed to witness the judging of the annual Craft Brewers Conference. It’s an action packed, informative, and entertaining hour.

“To understand America, one must know beer not baseball

The American Brew explains with wit and insight our infatuation with beer in it’s infinite variety.”

Dick Krek, The Denver Post

Barley Field at sunset in northern Idaho

Barley Field, northern Idaho


Roger Sherman films hop harvest, northern Idaho

Roger Sherman filming hop harvest, northern Idaho


Beer taps

Beer making process


legendary beer critic Michael Jordan being interviewed

Legendary beer writer Michael Jordan


Garett Oliver brewmaster interviewed at his Brooklyn Brewery

Garett Oliver brewmaster Brooklyn Brewery


Director Roger Sherman, Producer Jesse Sweet interview Daniel & Julie Bradford of All About Beer

Director Roger Sherman, Producer Jesse Sweet interview Daniel Bradford & Julie Johnson of All About Beer


Gabriel Kreuther, Alsatian chef at The Modern show the beer he cooks with

Gabriel Kreuther, Alsatian chef at The Modern

people at "Cheese Wars" does beer go better than wine? They sip and taste and vote.

“Cheese Wars” which goes better with cheese, beer or wine?

In the DVD extras is a scene we call “Cheese Wars.” Two sommeliers one choosing beer, the other wine match particular cheeses with beer and wine. A group of enthusiastic drinkers sip, taste and vote. In this session, beer won handily and we didn’t pay off the audience. It seems the bubbles of beer cleanse the palate so that the flavor of cheese can be enjoyed more than when eating it while drinking wine.


Vinnie Cilurzo, owner/brewmaster, Russian River Brewery, Sonoma, CA

Vinnie Cilurzo, owner/brewmaster, Russian River Brewery, Sonoma, CA


Paul Brady, beer memorabilia collector shows off a beer serving tray from Schultz's

Paul Brady, beer memorabilia collector


Colonial Williamsburg brewmasters pose in costume front of an historic building

Colonial Williamsburg brewmasters


Director/camera Roger Sherman films hop harvest in northern Idaho

Director/camera Roger Sherman films hop harvest in northern Idaho


Fritz Maytag, founder of the Anchor Steam Brewery in San Francisco being interviewed

Fritz Maytag, founder, Anchor Steam Brewery, San Francisco

Carol Stoudt, owner and brewmaster of Stoudt's Brewery being interview in her tank room

Carol Stoudt, owner/brewmaster Stoudts




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