My name is Miranda Alicea. A few years ago I graduated from the IS 27 and then I moved on to the College of Staten Island. And I’ve been there for four years, going on five, and hopefully that’ll be my graduating year. But after I leave I would like to work in community theater, because I love not only the art of theater but also I like the interesting history behind it, and the fact that you can actually make theatre out of anything and turn it into a really sophisticated story.


My disability is Asperger’s Syndrome. And, I’ll admit that over the years I’ve been struggling with my disability for as long as I can remember. However, I think that what it’s been doing is that it’s actually helped to give me a kind of strength that I didn’t know that I had. And I’ve managed to grow with it and then learn how to get by and change. And, I like going to school, but it’s still very difficult.


However, the Office of Accessibility has had a really wonderful program called the Project Reach. And what they do is that they not only advocate and council students who are part of the spectrum, but they also help us with our academics and learn how we can improve ourselves for our futures. I’m very proud of the achievements that I have made. And, my academics are improving, and I’m very happy with my GPA.