The American Brew

This is American history told through beer. Find out why the Pilgrims were not supposed to land at Plymouth Rock. Hint: they were running out of beer. See beer brewed in a fireplace in the colonial method in Colonial Williamsburg and on a stove by a home brewer in the Bronx. Learn how Germans changed America’s taste for beer in the 19th Century and how they became the scapegoats to begin Prohibition.

Roger Sherman     Producer, Director, Cinematographer

“To understand American, one must know beer, not Baseball. “The American Brew” explains with wit and insight our infatuation with beer in its infinite variety.” – Dick Kreck, The Denver Post


James Beard Award

Best Documentary


sonoma film festival winner

Sonoma Film Festival

Best Documentary – Food


The Big Apple Film Festival

Best Documentary – Short


Double Feature Film Festival

Best Documentary – Domestic