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wide release late summer


The Soul of A Farmer follows Patty Gentry, a former chef, as she battles to earn a living on her three acre Early Girl Farm on Long Island. Isabella Rossellini, from whom Patty rents her land tells us, “Patty is the Picasso of vegetables!”

The 35 minute documentary upends the romance of tarm-to-table. Buying fresh produce directly from farmers markets and at farm stands is wonderful. But the farmer’s life is a constant struggle. We watch Patty work her butt off (with her small, mostly female team) seven days a week, growing the vegetables her top chef clients treasure.

Patty’s passion is to constantly improve her soil, her yield of organic vegetables, and just as urgently to be thinking of how to stay afloat. 

Also featured
Isabella Rossellini, actor/activist, daughter of Ingrid Bergman, owns the land Patty rents in Brookhaven, Long Island: she saved 18 acres from development.
Missy Robbins, chef/restaurateur, Lilia and Misi in Brooklyn. Best Chef NYC James Beard Foundation. All in Brooklyn.
Chef-of-the-Year Esquire.
Andrew Tarlow, restaurateur, Roman’s, Diner, Marlow & Sons, Reynard, Achilles Heel.
“The restaurateur who invented Brooklyn,” Bon Appetit.
Anita Lo, Anisa, Michelin star, NY Times three stars in Greenwich Village. Iron Chef winner, she beat Mario Batali. Manhattan.
Sohui Kim, Insa, Gage & Tollner, The Good Fork. Michelin Guide’s Bib Gourmand list five years running, “Essential Eater 38” list three years in a row, all in Brooklyn.
Mary Attea, chef, The Musket Room, Michelin star, former executive chefat Anissa, Manhattan.
Jennifer Lasker, Patty’s partner, now wife.


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Patty preparing peppers to send to chefs.
A beautiful view of Early Girl Farm with Patty's brightly colored rooster sculpture in the foreground.
The Early Girl Farmstand with vegetables beautifully laid out.
actor Isabella Rossellini
director Roger Sherman and farmer, star Patty Gentry
Patty Gentry in greenhouse holding up pumpkin with very long stem
Patty Gentry holding up freshly picked scallions